marți, 18 aprilie 2017

The Great Noblegarden Egg Hunt 2017 on wowhead

WoW Noblegarden is here and on Wowhead there's the new 2017 Noblegarden egg hunt contest to find 10 clues and win prizes!

Here are the ten clues for the ten eggs:

1. I wander the streets and stores of Dalaran, but you never see me do so. I am hidden but also in plain sight. I am tiny in size but also largely known. Who am I?
2. Riddle me this: Of sea, spirit, and self... first of the Lords to fall... the wind, the eye... the plume, the tomb, the scarab moon... the snow, sand, and stone... behold the battle unblinkingly... bejeweled watcher... ray of sunrise...
3. "An illusion! What are you hiding?" are words you'll never hear again as you ride this mount through beautiful but deadly streets.
4. Three parts whispers from the shadowlands, two parts crickets, and one part squid ink. This is not a drink that most would enjoy, but many still love, for the effects are one of beauty and wonder.
5. "I was lost, but now I have been found. Only few can tame my soul to them. Look carefully for that which remains of me, only then will I appear."
6. In this quest you'll confront the adorably disturbing fel creatures loved by Khadgar and detested by Illidan. Clearly he was not prepared for the Legion taking a liking to these creatures.
7. This music roll sounds heavenly, but in a twist of fate you'll have to get blood on your hands to acquire it.
8. Rabbits are a common sight during Noblegarden, but this one is more sinister than your average bunny with his huge, sharp teeth.
9. This particular brew seems to be the favorite enjoyed by all around this particular time of year - it will put a spring in your step.
10. This toy maybe able to help you sweep up even the toughest dirt without any effort. But your feline friends may want to hitch a ride on it instead.

 Solve these ten clues to receive ten entries and ten chances to win the contest!

 The 10 clues are on the other page...

1.Traveller Pepe 2.Riddler's Mind-Worm 3.Arcanist's Manasaber 4.Inky Black Potion 5.Lost Spectral Gryphon 6.Felrglrglrglrgl 7.Music Roll: Angelic 8.Darkmoon Rabbit 9.Springtime Stout 10.Pilfered Sweeper Good luck!

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